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For a few years (9th May 19 at 8:13am UTC)Quote Reply
For a few years, I have been in this black world. Who in my world gave me a little sunshine, a little color once thought that the color of my world can be painted by myself Marlboro 100'S Carton, and now I found that flowers and flowers are the rules of nature, there are some things in the air, and everything is arranged in the dead of night. It��s so quiet Buy Newport Online Cheap, people in the bustling streets don��t know that they��re so difficult to choose from at the crossroads. Where should I go? Half-man and half-ghosts live forever, like humans and ghost seals. But I have escaped a little gap from the seal. Is it really an explanation? Anyone else asks me what you need and what you want, but I am speechless. Because I really know what I want is so hard to get, what is it so simple and plain compared to others? The loss is a mess Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons. Sorry, I have never lived for myself. When I live for myself, reality tells me that reality is cruel, and I know that reality is so cruel but it is more cruel than reality. Life is nothing for men, the most mediocre time. Whoever says that they work hard will have results, and efforts will not necessarily lead to success. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, for three days, thank you for another one in these years. I promised you to release you after five years. What will be the torture of two people? I don��t know which one is true and I am fascinated. Everything. Flowers and plants are all wood, one inch of time lost one inch, where is the glass incomplete and where is life for decades? What are you really pursuing? What have you got? Is it not the past life of this life? The fault of this life will continue to repay in the next life. The fault of the previous life is complicated by the street lamps. The pedestrians pass by without knowing oneself. Then, where is my soul, I have thought that it is the best expression to express my words without a word, but the reality tells you whether to say nothing or not. The fault of a sentence is the fault of your life. Why has it been achieved for hundreds of years, she has been nailed to the column of historical shame, becoming a typical example of glamorous, sensual, and vicious. But some people sympathize with her encounters and envy her courage to pursue freedom against the old ethics. This is Pan Jinlian. After Schneider began to engrave the interpretation of Lanling Xiaoxiaosheng and lived in the drama stage literature, the well-being of the people in the market was a bad woman model. Pan Jinlian is the fifth eaves of Ximen Qing. The characters are derived from the "Water Margin", but in "Jin Ping Mei", its experience, character, life and so on have been enriched in many aspects, thus shaping into a smart, beautiful, and a Pan Jinlian, who is sultry, arrogant, and lascivious, has always been synonymous with sluts. No matter how much sympathy and understanding people give her, her image is always good. For example, you can say a lot of Pan Jinlian's good words in angrily, but I want to say that you are Pan Jinlian, or that your woman is Pan Jinlian, you are unhappy. Pan Jinlian's tragedy stems from the legal system at that time. At that time, the legal system was not based on human rights, but on the basis of royal power. Therefore, Pan Jinlian had no human rights at all, and there was no feminist right at all. The human rights-based legal system is based on people, and its ultimate destination is also human. The needs of human beings and the interests of human beings are their primary concerns and concerns Carton Of Marlboro Reds Free Shipping. Therefore, the concept of human rights supremacy must run through the royal power-based legal system among all its principles, rules and concepts. The starting point and the foothold are not ordinary people. It is the interests of the ruling group represented by the king or the emperor. Under such a legal system, people can only be ruled by the rulers as labor tools, and their legitimate rights and interests cannot be fully respected and protected. Under the legal system at the time, a woman did not even have the right to decide her own marriage and love. How could Pan Jinlian��s life not be a tragedy? Pan Jinlian��s appearance on the scene was a bright personality �C not because Zhang Dahu was a rich man. Violation is in accordance with him. Today, isn't there a lot of pretty women in the big money? Zhang Dahu is a big money, but Pan Jinlian is not awkward, she only marries the man she likes. Contrast between ancient and modern, is Pan Jinlian very valuable? You don't mean me, right? Well, I will give you to Wu Dalang! Let you live for a lifetime with a short, ugly and sinister man. Pan Jinlian either obeys Zhang Dahu or marries Wu Dalang. Where is it going? Wei Minglun��s Sichuan opera Pan Jinlian sings a woman��s voice with a singer Marlboro Cigarettes Online From Usa.
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